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Acronyms, Training Tools, & Videos

BWRAF, SORTED, STELA -- what do these mean?
Here's a start of a list of tools, acronyms, and videos that might be helpful while in training.

Diving Acronyms often used by students in training.
The buddy check acronym BWRAF can be remembered in many ways:
Begin   With       Review And Friend
Bruce   Willis      Ruins   All     Films
Blonde Women  Really  Are   Fun
Big       Whales   Really  Are   Fat

W eights
R eleases
A ir
F inal okay

Five Point DecentSORTED
S ignal -- thumb pointed down to indicate where you're going
O rientate -- use a compass: look at the boat/shore, notice any direction the reef is going, etc.
R egulator -- put the regulator in your mouth
T ime -- look at your arm to remind you to buy a dive computer
E levate the deflator hose on your BCD, release the air,  equalize your ears and exhale
D escend


Five Point Ascent STELA
S ignal -- thumb pointed up to indicate where you're going
T ime -- keep an eye on your computer
E levate the deflator hose on your BCD and release the air as you ascend. NOT AN ELEVATOR.  :)
L ook up -- protect your head from what's above you (other divers treading water, the boat, hang line...)
A scend, slowly.  Do a safety stop.

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