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Staff History -- Thank you!

Here are the voyages and stories of the staff over the years gone by.  It has been a pleasure working with these fine people and we miss them as they travel the world and explore new waters.  Without these fine people, N2theBlue would not be as great as it is today.  Thank you.


Derek Hill 


co-founder of N2theBlue in 2002

Raised a son of Texas, college complete and a few years of working in the corporate world, Derrick picked up all his belongings and moved to Florida to pursue a dream of being a dive instructor. From Florida, he moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands where he worked as a captain/dive instructor for several years. Early 2002 found him on St. Croix to continue his dream.



Anne Hill


co-founder of N2theBlue in 2002


Anne grew up in the Netherlands and came to visit St.Croix to live 'the diving life' for 3 months in the spring of 2002.. These three months turned into 12 years! 




Derrick and Anne met on St. Croix in 2002 and started N2 the Blue in September that year.


Derrick and Anne fell in love and started N2 the Blue with just one boat, a small compressor, a bunch of tanks and dive gear. Over the years N2 the Blue grew more and more. When they first started the were running the business out of their house, later on out of a little shack next to their apartment, then they opened a bigger shop on the north shore combined with a shop on the beach out west, and eventually they ended up in the to them most perfect location (the shops current location), only 100 steps away from the pier in Frederiksted.


In 2010 they added a second boat to be able to accommodate more customers and still keep the small groups. They truly enjoyed building their business over all these years together with a wonderful staff and are very proud to what N2 the Blue has grown into over the years. 


Derrick & Anne are both USCG licensed captains and PADI instructors and share an enormous passion for the ocean and everything in it.  


In 2010 their son Mason was born and with him getting closer to 'school age' they decided in 2013 that it was time for them to move on and bring Mason to an area where they would have more options for a better future for their family.


With great pain in their hearts they sold the shop in December 2013 but both feel like they left ‘their baby’ in great hands and hope that N2 the Bue will continue growing and become even more successful with this amazing group of people (old and new!).


In February 2014 the Hill family packed up their belongings and moved to Florida. Leaving their 'island family' and St. Croix's diving behind was extremely difficult for both and it is therefore not too surprising that they moved only 1 flight away from STX and into an area where the dive industry is very active.


Derrick accepted a job as instruction & community manager at Divers Direct in West Palm Beach and is working on developing the instruction side of the company while teaching and diving a bunch and Anne is currently working at Capt. Sl8r charters, a dive boat out of Jupiter, where she continues to share her passion for the ocean with everyone on the boat. Mason is still growing as a weed and starts 'real school' in august 2014 and loves all the playgrounds, beaches, zoos, musea and so on and so on...


N2theBlue 2005

N2theBlue 2005



N2theBlue 2006-2007
Rowdy Joe's restaurant in 2013

N2theBlue 2006-2007
Rowdy Joe's restaurant in 2013



N2theBlue West 2008

N2theBlue West 2008






Haley Hendrickson


Instructor and Divemaster from Minnesota with a love of teaching the younger kids.




Tim Blanchette


Tim moved to St Croix from Massachusetts.  He came to N2 The Blue as an experienced recreational diver.  It didn't take long for him to decide that diving should be his next career.  Tim was one of our Divemasters from 2009-2014 and he says he doesn't want to go back to diving the cold water of the Northeast.




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