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Deposit Policy:

Once you've confirmed your dives with us and for any reason you need to reschedule or cancel, you must call 340-772-3483 or you can email us at no later than 24 hours prior to reservation time, to avoid a 100% cancellation charge to your credit card. We will not run your credit card initially, but will need a credit card number, expiration date, and name on the card, along with the 3 digit security code on the back to make a reservation. 

N2 The Blue apologizes for needing to implement these cancellation policies.  Yes, we will work with you if you have a true need to cancel or change your dives.  However, what constitutes a true need is determined solely at our discretion. 

Please Note, if you Do Not Call or Do Not Show before start time, there will be a 100% charge to your credit card



Guided Scuba Diving
All prices include tanks and weights.  Please add $10 for rental gear. All boat package deals include free tanks & weights for individual shore diving on package days. Please add $15 per 32% nitrox tank.

2-Tank Morning Boat Dive $ 110.00
1-Tank Afternoon Boat Dive $   80.00
Rider / Snorkeler $   55.00
6-Tank Dive Package (3 morning 2-tank dives) $ 315.00
10-Tank Dive Package (5 morning 2-tank dives) $ 500.00
1-Tank Guided Pier Dive $   60.00
1-Tank Guided Pier Night Dive (includes light) $   75.00


Try Scuba Diving
Plan on 3 hours of fun (includes training and nearly an hour dive!) with the hands on attention from a PADI Instructor.  You start with a 20 minute video that will show you what you’re about to learn & do.  After the video we’ll go through a basic flip-cart, get sized and introduced to your gear, given a quick briefing, then get into chest deep water to practice a few skills.  After successfully practicing a few skills in chest deep water, we’ll slowly go explore the old pier or a nearby beach with all its cool corals, sponges, and wildlife.  There’s even an underwater checkers board at the old pier (with hockey pucks for pieces!).  Your instructor or Divemaster will be right there with you at your side.

Feel welcome to try it a second or third time all on the same vacation!


Rental Gear 
Just renting gear?  Here are our 24 hr. prices. 
We do recommend hiring a Divemaster your 1st day to get you familiar with the gear, to show you our favorite creatures, and the easiest places to get in and out of the water.

Complete SCUBA (see*) $   30.00
* BCD Jacket $   15.00
* Regulator $   15.00
* Mask and snorkel $     8.00
* Fins (full foot or open heel) $   10.00
* Booties $     5.00
* Shorty Wetsuit $   10.00
* Weights + Belt $     5.00
* Tank $   12.00
32% Nitrox tank rental $   24.00
Snorkel vest $   10.00
Dive Light $   15.00
Dive computer $   20.00
Air Fills $     8.00
32% Nitrox Fill $   16.00
Air Fill Card (10 fills paid upfront) $   60.00


Snorkel Package (see *): $   18.00
*  Mask and snorkel $     8.00
*  Fins (full foot or open heel) $   10.00


$     5.00
Snorkel vest $   10.00


Half day camera rental $   50.00
Full day camera rental $   70.00


All course prices include all rental gear!  
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) establishes the price for eLearning.

Discover Scuba Diving - pier $   80.00
Discover Scuba Diving - 1 Tank Boat Dive $ 120.00

Open Water Course (add $169 for book/elearning) $ 350.00

Open Water Referral Dives

$ 280.00

Advanced Open Water Course (add $158 for book/elearning) $ 350.00
4 Dive Specialty Course $ 360.00
2 Dive Specialty Course $ 220.00
EFR CPR/First Aid $   85.00
Rescue Diver Course $ 550.00
Divemaster Course $ 900.00


Life happens. Avoid a 100% cancellation charge by calling us 24 hours prior to your reservation time by talking with the shop 340-772-DIVE (3483) or This gives us enough time to open your seat to someone else and to notify your crew for changes to their schedule.


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Open everyday between 8:30am & 4:30pm Atlantic time
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