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DIVE with N2 the Blue

  • Headquartered in Frederiksted

  • 2nd location servicing the Salt River Canyon/The Wall

  • Full rental & air fills for your own adventures

For a personal experience, the safety, and service you desire,

N2theBlue specializes in private and semi-private scuba groups by

limiting our boats to 6 diversCall to reserve your spot aboard.


Voted #1 Dive Shop in 2013 by people's choice and #1 activity by
, N2theBlue is a full service PADI scuba diving center with

rental gear, air fills, and Nitrox.

Located 100 steps from the Frederiksted cruise ship pier and a

2nd location servicing the Salt River Canyon/Wall.


The vast majority of dive sites on St. Croix are on the calm waters of the west end of the island in the historic, small town of Frederiksted.  This reef is long and the majority of the dive sites are about 45' on the top of the reef and 110' at the bottom of the reef.  While the reef continues deeper, there is a distinct reef-band that wraps around the west and north side of the island. 


The north shore and The Wall are big waves and rougher seas with the same exciting DEEP profiles and mostly shore diving -- the exception being boat diving on the Salt River Canyon/Wall.  This Canyon is one of the must-see dives of St. Croix -- especially if the seas are calm (calm water is much better clarity!).   


West end diving from Frederiksted is protected from the wind and has an amazing diversity of dive sites, colors, features, and depths with over 50 names sites.


St. Croix is encircled by more than 50 miles of fringing reef and the land measures over twice as large as St. Thomas and four times larger than St. John.  Truly a dive destination.


1/2 day introductory course for beginners gets you in the ocean the

same day.  The PADI Discover Scuba Diving course introduces you to the water with a few required skills, a tour of the underwater world

with your instructor at your side, and you finish in about 3 hours.


Call ahead to reserve your seat.


Daily dive schedule:

Boat dive #1: N2theBlue

*limit 6 guests

Boat dive #2: Chasin’ Mason

*limit 6 guests

8:30am – two-tank boat dive 

8:30am – two-tank boat dive 

1:00pm – one or two-tank boat dive

1:00pm – one or two-tank boat dive

Upon request:

·     Night Dive @ the world famous Pier

·     PADI Dive Certification training from 1st time to Divemaster

·     Guided Snorkel

·     Underwater photography

·     Schedule a guided dive of The Pier anytime!


The Pier: One of the 7 Jewels of the Caribbean, the Frederiksted Pier is a must see for diving (by day and especially by night). Known for its pillars stretching into the light, corals, sponges, and a dazzling array of colors – a host of wildlife finds sanctuary in this gothic hallway. Turtles, seahorses, and schools of fish to delight you. Night dives are often highlighted with bioluminescent waters.

Wrecks: Located near Frederiksted, the most popular are the Deep
Wrecks and the Shallow Wrecks -- although we know of several more, we keep one private that'll blow you away.

Frederiksted Reefs: 50+ dive sites, each is unique. The waters are calmer on this side of the island and has the largest beaches too. From Kings Corner, Rum Barrel, Aquarium to Mill Point, Chubs, Sprat, the submarine cables, Grand Central Station, OMG, and Rainbow   N2theBlue is here for you. 

Salt River Canyon/Wall: This pre-historic river and waterfall (now underwater) have cut two deep walls facing each other across a quarter mile of blue water. The top of the reef is about 40' and drops to over 13,000 feet past the wall. Absolutely stunning. Rated top 5 sites in the Caribbean for macro life. This is were Columbus landed on his 2nd trip.

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What else is there to do around Frederiksted?

Explore other attractions & make a grand day of St. Croix.  Be
delighted with the largest beach on the island, jet skiing, paddle-boarding, horseback riding, beer-drinking pigs, the rainforest,
hike a plantation, and simply enjoy the people, charming history, museums, Fort Frederiksted, and many restaurants.









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Open everyday between 8:30am & 4:30pm Atlantic time
one hour past East Coast during winter
(excluding Christmas, New Years, and Carnival Day)

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